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Jersey Cow

Jersey Cow

Jersey Cow is a small breed of dairy cattle and is well known for high butterfat in its milk. Jersey Cow has better health immunity as compared to other cows. Jersey Cow is adaptable to hot climatic conditions. Jersey Cow is a calm and passive dairy animal and thus it is highly recommended cow for first time owners.

Highlights :

  • Superior grazing ability
  • Lower maintenance requirements
  • Popular for cross-breeding
  • Known for its inquisitive character


Detail :

  • Under British rule Jerseys were transported to India and cross bred with Asian breeds to improve the quality of milk produced by domestic breeds - the practice of importing pure bred Jerseys for cross-breeding continues to this day.
  • Jersey cows have similar characters of HF cows Jerseys are adaptable to hot climates and are bred in the hottest parts.

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